Friday, April 29, 2011

Blog #9 - The Power of Pie...

At 3:14PM, the power goes out in the entire neighborhood except for the diner. The only piece of equipment that works in the diner is the large baking oven. The smell of pie wafts through the neighborhood, into every nook and cranny, and everyone smells the pies. Everyone smells his/her favorite pie. The lights are out everywhere, but there is a glow from the back of the diner where the oven is and there is a line beginning to form inside the diner for some pie. The neighborhood stray dogs are sniffing at the back door of the diner, and a few medium-sized trunks have pulled-up to the curb and the truck drivers are now standing in line for some pie. The cops are trying to cut in line and people are getting a bit disgruntled. Your character can be a person in line, or elsewhere, but you must include smelling the pie and what type of pie you smell, eat, or whatever.

Billy Farsk
Leland Jack
Charles Stevens
Takuda Hiroshi

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